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Maritime Historian
Nautical Archaeologist

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After working for several years as Senior Geologist for the Atlantic-Richfield Company, I decided on a career change to nautical archaeology and maritime history. I have worked extensively in archives and libraries in Spain, as well as Great Britain and Denmark. After retiring for several years, I became bored. I completed a Master’s Degree of Library Science and worked for two years as an assistant archivist at the National Naval Aviation Museum. I am currently the archivist and librarian for the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum at the Lincoln Memorial University.

Maritime trade and technology have been a driving force in globalization since the High Middle Ages and research interests encompass the development of maritime technology, and the social and economic forces that drive it.I have been developing this website for those interested in maritime topics and history.

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Academic Degrees

  • University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee: Masters of Library Science
  • University of Minnesota: Ph.D. in Medieval History
  • Texas A&M University: Master of Arts in Anthropology, Nautical Archaeology Program
  • University of Wyoming: Master of Science degree in Geology
  • University of California at Santa Barbara: Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology


  • Sea Power in the Medieval Mediterranean: The Catalan-Aragonese Fleet in the War of the Sicilian Vespers.(Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2003)
  • The Development of the Rudder: A Technological Tale. (College Station, Texas: Texas A&M Press; London: Chatham Publishing, 1996)

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Other Professional Activities

  • Chair and Commentator for Medieval Navies Session at the 2007 Naval History Symposium at Annapolis, Maryland (September 19 - 22, 2007)
  • Relief work in the Tamu Nadal State of India following the December 2004 tsunami disaster. Advised the TK Foundation concerning the replacement fishing boats for those lost in the tsunami. February 10-19, 2005
  • Field reconnaissance at Tranquebar, India for future marine archaeology survey of the port and anchorage. February 2005
  • Guest lecturer for the Texas A&M University Studies Aboard Program at Castiglion Florentino and Venice, Italy. Lectures: "Byzantium in Italy"; "Genoa and Venice: A Tale of Two Cities"; "The Arsenale of Venice" (October 5-15, 2004)
  • History of Marine Animal Populations (HMAP) Mediterranean workshop at the Institut de Ciències del Mar. (Barcelona: September 20-22, 2004)
  • Guest of the Royal United Services Institute for the Maritme Power in the 21st Century conference. (Whitehall, London: May 19-20, 2004)
  • Guest Lecturer for "Traders, Crusaders, Ambassadors." Course # L225, University of Indiana. (March 26 - 28, 2001)